You are Only As Free as Your Government Allows

By observing their behavior, we see that the TRUE PURPOSE of the Nations is to create and enforce the Narratives that their Globalist (Satanic) Masters tell them to. You don’t have free speech to reveal government corruption / injustice.

Tyranny can only function by the COOPERATION and CONSENT of the governed. To capitulate, to look the other way, to go along to get along, to obey illegal government mandates, etc. — THIS is the platform that evil REQUIRES in order to manifest. Don’t give them that foundation! Stand for truth, life, freedom — all the things ONLY found in the Kingdom of God.

We have so many federal agencies to “govern us” that WE THE PEOPLE never voted for. These overreach tentacles are fundamentally illegal and without any true authority over us. All they have is propaganda, mind control, intimidation and sheer force.

We see that EVERY SINGLE ONE of these non-constitutional agencies is Weaponized against us. The Dept of Education, for example, is not in the Constitution, and it used to degrade, mind-control, socially engineer and groom your kids. The Dept of Health… well we all already know what they do. The Dept of Immigration and associated agencies, for example, is used to help INVADE our nation with those that hate us, hate our American Jude-Christian values, hate our way of life, love our money and material possessions, but care nothing for our laws. The same weatherization and inversion applies to EVERY single extra-constitutional federal agency.

The nations all have leaders ENSLAVED to non-human dark masters. Literal evil in literal high places. The human nation “leader” puppets MUST obey. They MUST comply. They MUST PUSH the globalist narratives they are commanded to push. Understand they are minions or evil, and enslaved to darkness itself. They are not leaders; they are the slaves to the Anti-Christ and its lieutenants. Their job is to push deception — evil against you wrapped up in pretty words to trick you into consent and compliance!

In contrast, the only legitimate authority is one that loves us, and protects our God-given rights. Thus fake government seeks to PRETEND and POSTURE/POSITION themselves as “helping you” — because they require your consent. They don’t love you or represent you. Especially your consent to be literally eliminated and replaced. Pray and do accordingly.



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