What happens when you take the Business Headshot out of the Studio?

Dallas Business Headshots for Executives in natural light.

When is this more “approachable” style beneficial in a business headshot?

It often depends on your industry. A doctor, for example, wants an official/formal portrait in studio when that headshot appears next to his/her credentials. Again, the formal or studio portrait is emphasizing credibility — trustworthiness to do the job right. But then on the contact page of a website, shows his/her more approachable side. Because that is where the action to contact the business as a prospect / client happens.

So ask yourself…

So ask yourself, “in the context(s) that my photo will appear (to peers and/or business prospects) which do I need to emphasize in this specific photo?” This can make or break a business opportunity. It can have the prospect select YOU to contact or move down the list to the next person…

What about light?

A smart person, wanting to enjoy the maximum benefits from their headshot done right will be asking at this point: “in my photoshoot, what about the lighting, if I go outside the studio?”

The Problem with Natural Light Headshots / Portraits

Natural Light Headshots and Portraits done wrong fail
You’re doing it wrong…
  1. Look at the ratio of light in the background vs. light on the face. The face is in shadow. The background is outdoors and somewhat blurred, but too cluttered.
  2. This natural light headshot could be indoors our oudoors. The background is pleasantly blurred for no distractions. But you see the darkness around the eyes. To make things worse, there is unnatural skin coloration from competiting light sources. I see this kind of substandard result SO OFTEN by expensive and egotistical photographers, but this is not flattering and could be corrected by experienced “hybrid” lighting like I use.
  3. Harsh light: this is common outdoors. you have to know where to place your subject.

My solution to Great Outdoor Headshots

So, technically these are a “hybrid” style of lighting — natural light with studio fill. And I feel this gives my customers the best of both worlds. They love them and use their headshots to great success!

Best Dallas Headshot Photographer Business Corporate Studio Photgoraphy Portrait
The outdoors business headshot with significant backlight, augmented with carefully done studio fill strobe — for glowing results!



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