“More Equal” is the Orwellian Rationalization of the Tyrant

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4 min readJul 9, 2022


The mother has no more rights than the baby, and the baby is choosing life. Don’t rationalize brutalizing another life via abortion.

What about the baby’s right to choose life? How is it that one person has rights over another person’s right to live or die? That is worse than slavery! That is worse than being a dictator or tyrant!

How is it that some women feel that “exercising their rights” means another person has to brutally die? This is not about fairness or rights; otherwise the baby would have the equal right to abort the mother at any time.

So many of our nation’s law are there specifically to protect one person from being brutalized and victimized by another person. Your “rights” stop and cease to exist when another person gets hurt. You never have the right to murder.

You have the right to choose to protect yourself against an unwanted pregnancy before you get pregnant. And in cases rape, the victim may or may not have had opportunity to protect from that. But your rights stop because you NEVER have the right to victimize another, to abuse another — let alone viciously abort another human being.

Abortion either literally (a) tears the vulnerable human limb from limb, or (b) chemically burns them to death. How vicious is that? EVEN WHEN OUR LAW SYSTEM demands that justice is to execute a murderer, it will not let us cross the line and use a punishment that is “CRUEL AND UNUSUAL.” Abortion is therefore ALWAYS a violation of our laws.

How dare someone warp things to justify such selfishness and cruelty? That prohibition against murder is still in effect if the murderer (the mother in an unwanted pregnancy) is feeling scared/overwhelmed or if they feel the victim is inconvenient to their life.

Our law system is there to PROTECT US ALL, and protect a stronger person from hurting a weaker person. Our law system would not allow us to do to Hitler what abortionists are doing DAILY to nearly 3,000 humans inside America.

The second a person (in this case, a mother) is able to rationalize brutalizing another person (in this case, the baby), and calling it expressing their “rights”, they have chosen to be a (a) bully (at the very least), or more likely a (b) predator/felon, and in the case of abortion, an outright ( c) premeditated murderer.

The mother is not MORE EQUAL than the baby human.

Equality means the baby has EQUAL rights as the mother. The baby has their right to choose life and that right must not be trampled upon, usurped or violated!

Conception takes two. Gestation is that new human simply needing TIME and NUTRITION to be ready for the outside world. Birth is a change of location from inside to outside the womb.

It is still the same person, the same human being, from conception through old age. So if you think you can brutalize a person at ANY stage of life, especially at their most helpless, you are the predator, you are the problem, and I would add, you have gone full on psychopathic.

Life is precious, and just because someone other than that life feels you are inconvenient, unwanted, or a burden to them, they don’t get to kill you. That is not “having rights”; that is being the worst criminal. And to think otherwise is PRECISELY the same rationalization that the psychopath or serial killer uses — the exact same.

Most humans find clubbing baby seals to death as horrific and shameful. It is EASY to see the cruelty when a tiny animal is brutalized to death. And yet, the baby humans we cannot see, hopefully safe in their mother’s womb, are brutalized FAR WORSE than any baby seal has ever been in an abortion.

It is easy to see how cute the baby seal is, but not easy to see the human baby developing while it is still at the stage of being inside its mother’s womb. So, a gruesome selfishness will try to rationalize eliminating it and not acknowledging the brutality and horror of murder.

Any time and any place people can rationalize they have a “right” to hurt another human, they have abandoned their humanity and sided with the monsters.



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