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2 min readMay 29, 2020


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Dallas Business Headshots and Portraits — casual style with natural light.

Let’s start with one of my “Business casual” headshots in Downtown Dallas, near my photo studio. The setting + the lens selection + the natural light delivers a certain feel that might be advantageous for your corporate messaging goals.

Usually, even in casual style corporate headshots, I prefer the subject to wear a sport jacket (as a sport coat will conceal some of the wrinkles in the shirt), but that is not what this client wanted.

There are serveal times/places where this more casual type of business photo is very appropriate. My favorite recommendation is on your “contact us” page of the company website. As if portrays are more approachable you, it encourages the viewer to take the action and follow through on contacting your business.

I look at delivering the right headdshot for you as more than a photographer, but as a visual marketing communications specialist perspective. What image of you is best for your business goals and marketplace?

Are you a therapist wanting to convey trustworthiness? Then I will set you up with warmer tones. Are you a computer programmer who has never worn a tie? Then I will set you up with blurred grid lines and grey tones in the background. Are you a real estate agent wanting that outdoor, natural light look for your headshot? Let’s talk about the strata and audience you sell real estate to.

Each person has the right image that will engender the optimum response from their audience, and I take that into consideration when I photograph your professional headshot. I’m practically an “image consultant”, well almost!

What’s the right image for your business audience?

If you want professional headshots that help your business receive the right responses then contact the Dallas headshot photo studio at or call 877–858–0071 for pricing and availability.



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